Thursday, 15 November 2012

Perfume-Gorilla Perfume at Lush-Vanillary (solid)

The Vanillary (solid perfume) looks cute but to me it doesn't really have that much of a cute-cupcake-edible type of typical vanilla in it. It develops in a rather linear fashion with this really overbearing nuttiness and somewhat fuzzy hint of ink-ness in it, along with a really minimum level of vanilla hint. Somewhat this makes me (who had sweet edible vanilla experiences only) think if this perfume’s off, but…apparently it is not. As the scent gets warmed up, the nutty-ness gets closer to dried coconut shred, but in a non-tropical way and the vanilla brings the much needed lively-ness into the coconut-shred-y accord. The more towards the dry down, the more that there is a weird sense of butter-ness oozing out and haunt me, in such a strange way that I cannot decide if this is giving me a headache or I might become addicted to it.

To some this might smell heavenly, but I guess I'm not a fan of over-dried coconut-y scent combined with vanilla. I prefer my vanilla to be bald, oriental, maybe a bit woody or incense-y or even just a non-brainer type of gourmand-y delicious.

Will I buy it? Not really. Will I happily accept it if someone gifted me Vanillary? Yes! Because about half an hour after application, Vanillary is quite a mild non-bothering scent.

The bottom line? I would recommend you to try it, this could be one of those non-conventional vanilla you might actually end up liking.

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